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Covid Updates: Apr 2


3,081 Washington County residents are fully vaccinated now, according to Three Rivers Public Health Department.

The number of people diagnosed as having or having had the Novel Corona Virus in Washington County is 2,084, the death toll – 24 since March of 2020.

224 more people in Harrison County have completed their vaccinations for the Corona Virus, bringing the total number to 2,137. Total confirmed cases since the start of the pandemic – 1,710 with 71 deaths according to the Harrison County Home and Public Health agency.

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts earlier this week says he is against a “Vaccination Passport”, he feels it violates HIPPA laws and is contrary to the American ideal of unrestricted movement of it’s citizens.

Some people are starting to profit from selling vaccination cards – fake ones. Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson is asking internet sources such as Twitter, Ebay and Shopify to prevent people from selling fake vaccination cards. Peterson is among the attorney generals from 45 states concerned about fake vaccination cards.

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