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Food Drive: Nov 16

Today from 9 AM - 3 PM in the Family Fare Parking Lot.

Brian (Bear) of Sterling Transportation Services and STS Truck Services joins Kelly Johnson in studio talking about today's food drive starting at 9 am in the Family Fare parking lot at 238 8th Street! Let's fill the STS Service Truck!

On the wish list:

Boxed Potato Products

Gravy (no glass jars)

Mac and Cheese Soups

Jello Oyster Crackers

Peanut Butter Canned Pumpkin

Stuffing Bars of Soap

Donations of food and monies (and even clothing and small /non furniture items) will be provided to the Washington County Food Pantry at Joseph's Coat.

Local guest host segments are sponsored by Turnkey Nerds.


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