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High Possibility of Snow This Weekend

We are expecting snow with accumulation this weekend. Some forecasters are expecting three to four inches of snow in our area, others say six to eight of snow. Gusty winds will make drifting a strong possibility from late Friday into Saturday. Temperatures are expected to plummet as well.

Kerosene heaters, space heaters, fireplaces and wood stoves provide supplemental heating, though each of those has additional safety concerns, Blair Fire and Rescue Chief Dave Aten says you should familiarize your self with the potential dangers each could pose and make sure you have the appropriate fire extinguisher. All heat sources should be at least three feet away from any combustible material like curtains, blankets and paper.

The Iowa Department of Transportation suggests getting a winter survival kit put together for your vehicle. Some of the items you should have in that kit include jumper cables, cellphone charger, extra prescriptions for anyone who might be using that vehicle, bottled water, a flashlight and first aid kit. IDOT also recommends extra blankets and warm clothing, snacks and toilet paper. You can observe weather conditions in the Hawkeye State by going online to 511

The Nebraska Department of Transportation suggests that in the event your vehicle is stuck in snow, make sure your exhaust pipe is clear of snow and running your car only long enough to warm it up. If visibility is a problem, it is better to stay with your vehicle. Road conditions in the Cornhusker state can be found online at


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