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Recycle Center Reopens June 13

Washington County Recycle Center Reopens June 13th for those with last names beginning with A through L, June 20th for those with last names beginning with M through Z.

With current guidelines, the recycling center requests the following: 1. Only 3 vehicles in the building at one time.

2. All people coming in to recycle will unload their own vehicles and deliver their materials to the proper stations.

3. Masks are highly recommended.

4. People with the last name beginning with A through L may come June 13, 2020. People with the last name beginning with M through Z may come June 20, 2020. After that, anyone can come on a Saturday morning. Some people may want to wait until after June 20th as the first two days we are open will be super busy.

5. No mingling of different categories of recyclables will be allowed as it will slow down how fast vehicles can be processed through the building. That means no more than one category per each bag/box that you bring in. Categories are the following: a. #1 and #2 plastic (look for the recycling triangle on bottom of container for these numbers.) b. Aluminum cans. c. Tin cans d. Newspaper, magazines and chipboard. e. Corrugated cardboard. f. Office paper and junk mail.

6. All doors to the building will be open at all times to maintain as much fresh air as possible.

7. Open 8 a.m. to noon. Doors will be closed promptly at noon. If you are still in line at that point, you will need to come back another day. Please Be considerate. Be patient. Be prepared. Be pre-sorted.



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