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Washington Co. Sheriff Report 1.28-1.30.22

A missing vulnerable person in Blair yesterday evening – a search conducted by Blair Police and the Washington County Sheriff’s office. Blair police did locate that person.

Other matters on Sheriff Mike Robinson’s Activity Summary released this morning – mail suspected to be stolen was found in the 3200 block of county road p-49, that mail was later dropped off at the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

A 61 year old male was arrested in the 3700 block of Rivers Way for possession of a controlled substance by deputies along with a federal game warden.

A 38 year old male was arrested in Fort Calhoun for driving under suspension and a 35 year old male was cited in a traffic stop in Blair for speeding, fictitious plates, no license, and use of rotating flashing lights while driving.

Those are a few of the matters handled over the weekend by the Washington County Sheriff’s office.

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