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Washington Co. Sheriff Summary 3.14.22

An accident at County Road p-35 and Stardust lane Friday evening – an area driver was cited for failing to secure a load in that matter.

Also on the Washington County Sheriff’s Activity Summary over the weekend - A hit and run causing property damage is reported at Highway 75 and County Road 16.

A group of bicyclists at County Roads 34 and 49 were advised that road closed signs do apply to all vehicles.

The summary from Sheriff Mike Robinson also shows a local phone number was used in an attempt to scam a 91 year old woman. Her son intervened and the scammer threatened to blow up their house. The son contacted the sheriff’s office which advised him that scammers will route their calls through local numbers so that victims will answer the phone and make the scammer harder to trace. Scammers will also use scare tactics and threats to get what they want.


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