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Death of a Snowman Contest

It's a true winter in Nebraska, and the Johnson's celebrated our January 8th snowfall by building an 11 foot snowman. Now they want to extend the fun and help our neighbors. 


For the fun ... Pick the date when our snowman becomes a snowball. A prize package will be awarded to an individual drawn from entrants picking the date of / nearest the snowman's demise.


For the help ... If you choose to make a donation when selecting your date, Kelly will take you along (via video) when a donation is given to the Salvation Army's Emergency Utility Assistance Program to benefit Washington County resident(s). 

The snowman is considered 'dead' when the total height of the snowman is 1 foot or less (through natural means).

No purchase / donation necessary for contest entry. 

Entries accepted through Sunday, January 21st
One entry per email address. 


Here's a bit of help ... below are some pictures for scale and the video to the left was recorded on January 15th.

The Snowman...

Select Your Date

Tell us when our snowman becomes a snowball... 

Thanks for submitting! We'll let you know if you win.

This form no longer accepts submissions.

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