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Encouraging Staff and Residents of Local Long-Term Care Centers

Dear Community Member,

Thank you so much for your willingness to support the staff and residents of local long-term care centers. Care centers often shelter our most vulnerable citizens, provide long-term care for those who need memory support, transitional care for those who suffer from traumatic health conditions, and hospice care.


Covid-19 has increased attention on care centers as the potential for community spread is high. You can imagine the fear and weariness of staff who are putting in extra hours to provide care while risking exposure to themselves and families, and among isolated residents in quarantine who have no access to family or friends.

We would like to provide a tangible expression to staff and residents that they are not alone and are near to our hearts and in our thoughts as they walk through these uncertain days.

Here are some guidelines:

1.       Please write, type, or draw all notes of encouragement on standard sized blank printing paper or lined paper.
          Large font is great.  Please share a message that fills the page.


2.       We want ALL of the focus to be put on those receiving the notes and ask that no names are signed, nor organizations are mentioned. Let’s just let them know they are valued and many in the community are supporting them.


3.       Children's art is strongly encouraged.  Pictures may be hung up in the facilities to brighten areas.


4.       We ask that if you quote a phrase you keep things positive and uplifting.


5.       If you’d like to donate supplies, they will be boxed and sent together with the notes.

a.       Ideas for residents: Sudoku puzzles, adult coloring books, word searches, colored pencils, washable markers, colored paper, and watercolors.

b.       Ideas for staff: headbands with buttons for masks, Lifesaver Mints or mint flavored gum.


6.       Please mail or drop off notes/donated items by April 30th:  Blair Radio, 233 S 9th Street, Blair, NE 68008

          To maintain social distance, drop offs can be left near chair inside 9th Street entry.


Once we have gathered all the notes together, we will distribute them evenly and package them up to be sent to long term facilities in our area.


Thank you again for graciously supporting this valued community!

Interested in learning more?  Reach out via facebook or email today!

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