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COVID-19 Update 12.20.21

206 people over the past seven days in the Three Rivers Public Health Department District have been confirmed as having the Novel Corona Virus.

In the three counties that comprise the district, Saunders County has 41 cases, Dodge County, 123 infections, and here in Washington County, 42 people have been diagnosed as having the Covid 19.

A lot of viruses, colds, flu and allergies are making many concerned that they may have the Corona Virus. You can find testing and vaccination information online at ThreeRiversPublic

41 new cases of the Corona Virus over the past seven days reported by the Harrison County Home and Public Health Agency. The figures released today include 17 in Missouri Valley, 12 in Logan, 5 in Pisgah and 3 each in Dunlap and Woodbine.

Testing and Vaccination details can be found at

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