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COVID-19 Update 9.1.21

28 more people are now hospitalized in Nebraska due to the Novel Coronavirus, bringing the total to 342. 16 people statewide have died from the virus since last week, bringing the total fatalities since the onset of the pandemic to 2,330. Nebraska Health officials say around 52 percent of the eligible population are now fully vaccinated.

162 confirmed cases are reported in the Three Rivers Public Health Department district, with 45 of those cases in Washington County. Testing for the virus is done at the Blair Clinic and Blair Walgreens.

30 new cases in the past 7 days are reported by the Harrison County Home and Public Health Agency. Out of that figure, 8 are in the 17 and younger age, another 8 are in the 18 to 40 range. There are 78 active cases at this time, with one person hospitalized.

Mobile Vaccination Clinics for Washington County are being made available by Three Rivers Public Health Department. Shots for the Corona Virus will be available this Saturday in Fort Calhoun for those aged 12 and older. More details can be found at


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