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Covid-19 Update: April 24

Twenty-five (25) new confirmed cases of Covid-19 were discovered at a Mass Testing Event by Three Rivers Public Health Department. That event earlier this week in Fremont revealed ten (10) pediatric, eleven (11) adult cases in Dodge County, one (1) pediatric and one (1) adult in Saunders county and two (2) adults in Douglas county.

Three Rivers covers Dodge, Saunders and Washington Counties. There are no new reports today of confirmed Covid-19 cases in Washington County.

Iowa and Nebraska now have Covid-19 internet test sites. If you are selected to be tested, you will be instructed to go to a drive through testing site. Those assessments available online at and

Harrison County, Iowa now has it’s own Covid-19 Information Hub, online at That site put on by the Harrison County Home and Public Health department.

Public health officials say they are seeing a pattern of virus outbreaks in rural areas – usually around food processing plants and other workplaces where attendance at the job site is required. Approximately 75 percent of Nebraska’s confirmed Covid-19 cases are away from the Metro area, which accounts for more than half the state’s population. Hall, Dawson, Adams and Dakota counties, along with Douglas and Lancaster Counties show the highest number of reported cases.

Three Rivers Public Health Department has issued a graphic clarifying the current Directed Health Measures, some of which are expiring April 30th, others May 6th.

For more coverage of the Coronavirus and local community response, including news from Connie Green and guest host interviews with Kelly Johnson, click here.



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