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Quarantine Ends: April 6

Washington County now has 20 confirmed cases of Covid-19. Three Rivers Public Health Department reports a Washington County woman in her 30’s is self isolating. Statewide we have 363 cases in Nebraska

New cases in Harrison County, Iowa include three older adults in the 61 to 80 year range and one adult in the 41 to 60 year range. Statewide, there are 868 confirmed cases according to the Iowa Department of Public Health.

Even though there are increasing numbers of those infected with Covid-19, there are those who are recovering, and those who are clear of the virus. Four members of the Blair Volunteer Fire and Rescue department, exposed to the Coronavirus during a call to a Blair nursing facility, are now out of a 14 day quarantine. None have reported symptoms of the virus and are going back to their jobs.

For more coverage of the Coronavirus and local community response, including news from Connie Green and guest host interviews with Kelly Johnson, click here.



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