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21 Confirmed Cases: April 22

21 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Washington County now. Three Rivers Public Health Department says a woman in her 50’s is self isolated, and may have contracted the virus while travelling.

Two more cases of Covid 19 in Harrison County, Iowa. The Iowa Department of Public Health and Harrison County Public health have confirmed two more cases, bringing the county’s total to 15. A man and a woman, both in the 41 to 60 year range are in home isolation, and are thought to have contracted the virus through contact with a household member already infected with the Coronavirus.

As the pandemic continues, the national and local economies are taking a hit. The Washington County Nebraska Chamber of Commerce has gathered information on assistance available for those individuals and businesses that are impacted – including resources for unemployment insurance, Small Business loans and more. You can find those links online at

Missed Crystal Campbell from Petromart speaking with Kelly Johnson today about Petromart Cares free meals? You can listen here.

For more coverage of the Coronavirus and local community response, including news from Connie Green and guest host interviews with Kelly Johnson, click here.



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