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Decisions on Water and Cable For Blair Council

The federal funds allocated to the City of Blair – 1.4 million dollars from the America Rescue Plan Funds – will go towards bettering Blair’s Water system. That decision last night at the Blair City Council meeting. Those monies and funds from other sources will be used to build a second water treatment plant just north of the existing one, not to replace what the city already has, but to supplement due to expected increase in usage from expansion of some of the companies at the Bio-fuels campus, along with some residential growth. The expansion is expected to handle the town’s water needs for the next 20 years or more.

Also at last night’s meeting, Tax Increment Financing, or TIF funds were approved for use in the further development of the Grant Street Industrial Park.

Additionally, the city approved a franchise agreement with Cox Cable. That agreement means the company can provide cable and internet services, though it will not have exclusive coverage.

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