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Papio Basin Plan To Congress & Independent Study

A U.S. Army Corps of Engineers plan that would implement flood management measures in the Papillion Creek Basin was signed by the Corps Lt. General Scott Spellmon Tuesday. This plan would, among other things, have construction of a dry dam at Thomas Creek Dam Site 10 which will impact parts of Washington County. That plan has been sent to congress for action. A copy of this report can be found online at

Meanwhile, an independent review and evaluation of that plan funded by the Washington County Board of Supervisors, Papio Valley Preservation Association and the Douglas County Board of Commissioners is also headed to congress. That independent review conducted by professor Steven Schulz questions the statistics and methodologies of the Army Corps of Engineers Studies plan.

Some of the matters cited by Schulz – discovery of errors and omissions in that study, including reliance on inaccurate structural inventory, inaccurate valuations of properties, ignoring flood proofing measures in recently built structures, and violations of the Federal Data Quality Act.

Among the groups protesting the Army Corps of Engineers Plan, the Washington County Board of Supervisors cites concern about removing valuable farm land from ag production for recreational purposes and housing development.

You can read the full report online at

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