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Washington Co. Sheriff Report 1.17.22

Wintery weather Friday and Saturday caused several accidents according to the Washington County Sheriff’s Activity Summary for the weekend. Sliding vehicles and fender benders were reported in the 6900 block of Farmers Lane, the 9200 block of County Road p-37, County road p-37 and Highway 75, West Elkhorn Drive and County Road 9, and a one vehicle accident at County Road p-16 and Highway 75. Several vehicles ended up in ditches from the icy roads as well.

Also on Sheriff Mike Robinson’s report, a possible scam in Arlington and a 58 year old woman was arrested for drunk driving in Arlington.

Deputies mediated a hand full of disputes, including one where a male was arguing with his mother, ran out of the house, slipped and hit his head causing injury and was transported to the Blair hospital.

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