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BLT - Bacon, Listeria and tomato Sandwich?

Recall Alert!

Hold on just a moment before having that salad you packed for your lunch – There is a recall of Dole Salad mixes according to the Food and Drug Administration – mixes sold in our area as Walmarts Marketside and Aldi’s Little Salad Bar.

Harvesting machinery was found to have listeria bacteria. Listeria was found at Dole facilities in Ohio and California and products from both were shipped to Nebraska and Iowa.

Those bags of salad mixes will be stamped with the letter W or B and have a Best used by date of between December 22nd and January 9th. Salad kits and salad bowl products are included. A complete list can be found at the FDA and Dole websites. Listeria can cause severe illness, miscarriage, and in some instances, death.



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