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Covid-19 in Blair: March 31

Carter House is now empty with all residents transferred to other facilities that will help contain the virus and provide the care the elderly people require. Staff members are quarantined as well. The purpose, according to Terra Uhing with Three Rivers Public Health department, is to allow a thorough decontamination of the building. Four members of the Blair Volunteer Fire and Rescue department were exposed to the virus on a call to the facility earlier according to the director of Three Rivers. She says they are self quarantined and doing well.

Uhing says there are 19 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Washington County, 17 of those related to Carter House. Two of those are health care workers from Carter House, but live in another health department district. Two others are a couple that had traveled outside the county and are now isolated at home.

Blair’s Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department responded to eight medical calls over the past few days, including a dual response with Kennard for an unconscious six year old, and a couple of calls regarding falls. The Blair department also dealt with a brush fire. Additionally, the Blair Fire and Rescue Department suggests calling the Blair Memorial Community Hospital’s Covid-19 response line if you have questions about the virus – 402-426-1689. That’s 426-1689, available from 8 am to 8 pm.

Ten more cases of Covid-19 confirmed at Blair’s Carter House Assisted Living. Three Rivers Public Health department and facility administrators have placed residents in other facilities and have staff members staying home while the building is thoroughly sanitized.

An 8th person has tested positive for Covid-19 in Harrison County according to a media release from the Harrison County Home and Public Health Department. That person is between the ages of 61 and 80 and is recovering at home in isolation.

Nebraska’s Senators and Representatives sent a letter of support for Governor Ricketts request for a major disaster declaration to President Trump. A declaration will make available federal funds to help in the battle against the Novel Corona Virus.

Nationwide, the United States has lost more than 3,000 people to Covid-19, and over 160,000 cases have been confirmed according to Johns Hopkins University.

Today is officially “Take Out Tuesday” by proclamation of Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts. That proclamation does state that Cornhusker eating establishments provide nourishment and sustain a large share of the states economy. That proclamation signed Monday also declares that each Tuesday through April 28th will be “Take out Tuesday” as an encouragement for residents to order take out.

Scammers, of course, are taking advantage of the public’s concern about Corona Virus. The Nebraska State Patrol says to be suspicious of anyone trying to sell you miracle drugs, do not give out personal information in a call or contact you did not initiate…and research before you do donate to any group. You can find more suggestions to protect yourself online at the Nebraska Attorney General’s Office AGO.Nebraska.GOV/news/attorney .

- Reported by Connie Green.

For more coverage of the Coronavirus and local community response, including news from Connie Green and guest host interviews with Kelly Johnson, click here.

More information on the Coronavirus can be found on the CDC website.



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