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Nebraska GOP Gathering Ruckus in Kearney

A commotion at the Nebraska Republican Party Convention

over the weekend ends in a state chairperson voted out, an arrest, and several resignations.

That fray made national news.

Chair of the Washington County Republican Party, John Orr was at that event, he explains the structure of the organization in an interview which aired at noon and 5 pm and is available here.

The existing chair, Dan Welch was voted out and ten others resigned in protest.

Orr was one of those that resigned, though he remains chair of the Washington County organization. Also resigning - state executive director Taylor Gage, Nancy McCabe, Darlene Starman, Paul Berger, Rod Krogh, Dave Lopez, Lydia Brasch, Trenton Snow and John Kuehn.

GOP chair of Lancaster County, Eric Underwood was voted in to replace Welch.

One group of delegates was initially refused entry into the event, though later allowed. Of that group, Matthew Innis was initially was arrested for trespassing and third degree assault when confronting a plain clothes security officer. Innis, was taken to jail and later released and attended the convention without further altercation.

You can hear that interview this evening at 5pm on Blair Radio 94.7fm.



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