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Split Oak Hollow: October

Camp Fontanelle's Split Oak Hollow Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch

Did you know that the corn maze is actually used as a fundraiser for Camp Fontanelle? Every dollar you spend, not only allows you to have affordable fun, it helps raise money for our summer camp. Making a donation when paying for items, or putting a donation in one of the many orange donation boxes, is greatly appreciated.

Because of donors

  • improvements are made to the camp, creating some fabulous programming (like the rock wall and zipline).

  • scholarships are offered to camp families who may need help to be at camp.

What can you do to help raise money for Camp Fontenelle?

Come out to Split Oak Hollow, enjoy time outside and know your trip can be impactful!

We have tried to keep our pricing low.

For an adult, if you purchase a wristband, a zipline ride, a climbing wall ticket and purchase a meal deal, you would spend $37.50. That is less than the entrance fee for some pumpkin patches and just 50% more than others. (which is only entrance- no food).

That $37.50 gives you entrance, activities and food; it is such an affordable day!

We are open weekends through October 30. Saturdays 1-7 and Sundays 1-6.

Thank you for your support.


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