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The Blair Radio 94.7 FM Weather

Dangerously high winds are expected today with gusts up to 70 miles per hour according to the National Weather Service. That high wind warning in effect from noon until 9 for the region. Due to the high winds and dry conditions, fire danger will reach into the extreme category in several areas. High winds will also impact high profile vehicles such as semis, buses and recreational vehicles.

High winds today, a chance of rain before 5pm, a high of 67.

Clear and very windy tonight, a low of 27.

With the high winds, a strong possibility of downed power lines exists, so do prepare for potential outages. Additionally, Omaha Public Power District cautions you to stay away from downed power lines and contact the utility or call 911 immediately.

You can watch the Blair weather as it happens, on the live weather window on Blair Radio 94.7 fm’s Facebook Page and online at Blair



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