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Coming Back Home!: April 16

Transferred to Midland Hospital after an outbreak of Covid 19, residents at Blair’s Carter House Assisted living are starting to come home. After two weeks of isolation and treatment at Midland Hospital, those residents are returning to Carter House in small groups. The gradual release will help Carter House personnel get their residents settled in before the next group is released according to hospital staff.

A Saunders County Man in his 70’s is hospitalized with the COVID 19 virus, that’s the latest case confirmed by Three Rivers Public Health Department. This case is considered “Community Spread” meaning no source can be specified. The health department which covers Dodge, Saunders and Washington Counties, says you should assume personal responsibility for protecting yourself by staying home and practicing social distancing.

The arrival of that small, minute particle known as Covid-19 is an explosive impact not only on our nation, but the state and local economies. Business leaders want to know how your business or non-profit is doing during this pandemic. An online survey is available at (site no longer active) If you’re driving and cannot write that online address down, you can also go to the Nebraska Department of Economic Development’s Facebook page.

For more coverage of the Coronavirus and local community response, including news from Connie Green and guest host interviews with Kelly Johnson, click here.



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