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Harrison Co. Sheriff's Summary 9.8.21

Test driven motorcycle doesn't return and other accidents.

An accident involving a tractor on Loess Hills Drive ended in a person transported to the Missouri Valley Hospital by the Mo Valley Fire and Rescue department, according to the most recent activity summary from the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office.

Also on that summary, a vehicle accident occurs on 335th Street just east of Missouri Valley and a bar fight in Dunlap ends in the arrest of one person by Dunlap police with assistance from sheriff’s deputies.

A one vehicle accident reported on 194th Street near Kendrick Avenue, another accident on Edna Avenue, and among the many matters handled by Harrison County Deputies, a person selling a motorcycle in Magnolia allowed the potential buyer to take it for a test run, only that potential buyer never returned with the motorcycle. That suspect has been identified and a warrant issued.

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