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Latest Gas Prices

$4.43 per gallon, nationally, up nearly 80 cents in the past two weeks. The former record high was 4.10 set 14 years ago. The highest cost is in San Francisco at 5.79 per gallon, the lowest, 3.80 in Tulsa. Here in Blair, Both Petro marts have Regular at 3.89, Diesel at 4.69, Speedee Mart is 3.89 and 4.69. Cubby’s Midtown is 3.74 for regular and 4.49 for diesel. Caseys West is 3.79 for regular, Casey’s east is 3.89 for regular and 4.69 for diesel. Kwik Pik, both stores have regular at 3.79 per gallon and diesel at 4.69

Some employers are reinstituting work from home protocol for their staffs – but it’s not due to Covid 19, it’s the increasing cost of gasoline and the employers desire to help their workers save on transportation costs.


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