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Local Storm Damage Update

After the storm Wednesday, Blair Radio News surveyed the immediate Blair area for damages, which were limited to downed lines and small to medium tree branches in the roadway.

Further out in the county, however, the impact of the storms was more evident.

The roof of an abandoned trailer was blown into the roadway at County Roads 38 and 31, fallen trees kept the county roads department busy.

Downed trees in roadways in the 8300 block of County Road 3, others at Deer Creek Drive and Colorado Lane, County Road 51 and Acorn Lane, Whitetail Lane and County road 39 and a Postal Service Truck was stuck in a ditch at County Road p-32 and p-11.

A quick check with Omaha Public Power District indicates there are no more homes without electricity in Washington County. There are, however over 2800 outages in the remainder of the OPPD operating district.


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