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Weather Alert

The tornado warning issued by National Weather Service has expired. We are still in a tornado watch until 8pm.

That line of severe thunderstorms and tornados stretching from mid east Kansas now on the border of Nebraska and Iowa, reaching up into South Dakota – is now moving into western Iowa and portions of Minnesota.

The Blair area has wide spread power outages according to witness reports and Omaha Public Power District. The latter indicates over 6600 buildings in Washington County are currently without power. Over 19,840 in the OPPD coverage area are without power due to downed lines.

The utility cautions you to avoid downed power lines, to report those lines to OPPD or call 911, again, avoid downed power lines, avoid driving over them as well.

In addition to a tornado watch until 8pm, we are still in a high wind warning until 9pm.

Blair radio will keep you informed of developing severe weather.

You can watch the Blair weather as it happens, on the live weather window on Blair Radio 94.7 fm’s Facebook Page and online at Blair Radio dot com.

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