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Blair Gas Cheaper Than National Average

Today’s national average price per gallon of regular gas, according to Triple A, is 4.33 per gallon, diesel is at 5.13 per gallon.

Blair’s gas station prices today - Kwik Pik, east and midtown have regular at 3.89, diesel at 4.69 Caseys west is 3.79 regular, 4.29 diesel, Casey’s east is 3.89 for regular. Cubby’s is 3.74 for regular, 4.59 for diesel. Speedee Mart is 3.89 regular, 4.69 diesel. Petromart East is 3.89 regular, 4.69 Diesel. Petromart on South 19th is 3.89 for regular and 4.69 for diesel.

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