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Washington Co. Summary 12.13.21

In addition to power outages during the storm late Friday into Saturday, power lines were knocked down in the 18 thousand block of County Road P-20 that caused two separate field fires. Those fires were dealt with by the Blair Volunteer Fire Department according to the Washington County Sheriff’s Activity Summary released this morning.

A vehicle accident in Arlington involving a stolen vehicle Saturday that had Texas Plates, that was towed to the Washington County impound lot.

Shots heard in the 14 thousand bloc of County Road 40 ended up being hunters.

Another one vehicle accident at Highway 91 and Barn Hill Lane.

And among the many other matters on Sheriff Mike Robinson’s report, a call to the 4200 block of Highway 133 – a person stuck on a roof after their ladder blew down. The deputy responding to the incident repositioned the ladder so the person could get off the roof.


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